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What's unique about ShaftyCraft?

No obnoxiously large or over-complicated spawn area

Ever join a new server and instantly get lost in the spawn area? We hate that. Spawns should be simple and direct you right to where you need to go to start playing. Our humble spawn solves that problem. It is a small area measuring less than 35 square blocks. It serves as a place to read the rules, and purchase a few simple items to get you started.

No over-powered or unfair game play due to donations

Nothing is more frustrating than working hard on a server, only to have your efforts quashed by someone who donated and receives 'god' armor and other unfair perks every few hours. As a regular non-donating player, you have access to an equal playing field; all of the same items and functionallity that donators have. Donators simply receive a limtied amount of in-game currency in exchange for their help for keeping the server online. Donators DO NOT receive disproportionate extra feature perks, commands, or functionallity.

Perfect designated building areas - Not too close, yet not too far

Ever annoyed that you have to travel 1000s of blocks from the spawn to start building? Yet do you find it unfair that factions create bases over a million blocks away, making them impossible to raid? We have a perfect solution! We allow players to build anywhere from 100 blocks to 3000 blocks from spawn (we will increase this limit as the server player load increases). This will keep things competitive and accessible, forcing players to walk around as opposed to teleporting to eachother constantly.

We keep things vanilla! Not too many plugins - no long list of commands to remember.

We run two plugins here, Essentials and Factions. Faction's is fully-featued, and players can create their own factions (teams) using /f create and claim their own protected land with /f claim. The only portion of essentials players can use are the teleport features (/tpa ). There is a 5 second countdown before warp commences to make things fair.